South Sudan rebels keen to fight on

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White Army soldiers in LankienWhite Army soldiers in Lankien are still ready for a fight

They have a youthful, confident swagger, ammunition belts draped around their necks, roaring into town in their open pick-up truck. “The White Army”, as they are known, calls the shots here.

An ad hoc militia formed originally for cattle raids, they are part of the rebel movement that has been fighting troops loyal to the government for the past five weeks.

The rebels still control pockets of South Sudan which have been virtually impossible for journalists to reach.

But now the BBC has had extremely rare access to one: the small, dusty settlement of Lankien in the north-east of the country.

A ceasefire has now been signed between official delegations from both sides in this conflict. But if it is to hold, it will have to be observed in towns such as Lankien. And we found a rebel movement here still baying for blood.

Within minutes of reaching the central street, we were surrounded by a White Army huddle. They’re young, schooled in battle and mainly ethnic Nuers, targeting the Dinkas of President Salva Kiir.

One of the fighters, Taban Sayif, claims he’s 28, but looks younger. He sports yellow sunglasses, a beret and the obligatory AK-47.

“The White Army came together because the president is murdering our elders, women and children,” he says.

I ask where he got his plentiful supply

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